My son hasn't started speaking yet!

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my son is three years and three months old and hasn't started speaking yet just says few words.Has to soon start school what should I do?


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I have several questions for you....

First, have you mentioned this AT ALL to your son's pediatrician during his well visits? Has s/he ever questioned you about his speech development? I ask b/c most will ask as early as the 6 month visit to see if your child has begun to vocalize the most basic words such as "mama" or "dada". At the 12 month visit and every time after that, s/he should be asking you about your child's speech development at EVERY VISIT. If s/he hasn't given much attention to your son's speech development or isn't taking your concerns seriously, FIND ANOTHER PEDIATRICIAN ASAP!!!!

Second, has/is your child meeting all of his other milestones at an appropriate age? Once again, this goes back to the types of conversations you should have been having with your pediatrician.

Third, has your child lost any of his vocabulary? Has he learned certain words and then at some point completely stopped using them? Has he regressed in other areas after he has mastered a milestone?

Lastly, have others close to you made any mention of any other lack of development they see in your son?

There are many reasons for a delayed speech development. It could be due to a hearing problem, a structural issue with his tongue, or any number of neurological issues that can be treated with success. Of course, others will quickly think it's Autism but please don't try and jump to that diagnosis yet without your child getting a COMPLETE MEDICAL EXAMINATION by a pediatrician who will take your concerns seriously.

Based on your post, I'm going to assume that the doctor your child has doesn't seem too concerned over your child's lack of speech, which I find shocking and honestly, very worrisome. I would advise you to QUICKLY seek out a new pediatrician ASAP and get your son examined as quickly as possible. I would also advise you to demand that your child be referred to a specialist for EARLY INTERVENTION. A specialist will be able to determine if he needs speech therapy, occupational therapy, or further testing for other issues such as Autism if they suspect that might be the issue. I believe that early intervention testing and services are free, but depending on which state you live in, those services vary greatly.

I don't want to scare you anymore than you already may be feeling, but PLEASE turn that fear into action for your child. Seek out the reason for his lack of speech development b/c at his age, it's just not considered normal by anyone's standards. Don't allow anyone to brush aside your concerns. You are his mom, you know him best! If one doctor doesn't want to take your concerns seriously, then find someone who will. You are your child's best advocate!!!! Best wishes and please keep us informed of his progress:)

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Been there! You need to take control of things. Ask you pedi for a referral to get the child fully tested. That's what I did without any help from my pedi. I did it threw my insurance. They tested my son for 7 hours, no stone was left unturned now his school is off my back because there are no ?'s left only answers. Best of luck hope this helps you! All that was done w/ a $25.00 co-pay!!!!


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Taisha Reyes... Thanks for your concern but it's not my daughter that I was posting about. I was just trying to give another mom some advice. Thanks again for your post and concern. I agree with EVERYTHING you said! My daughter will be 2 yrs old in May and has a pretty wide vocabulary. Yes, there have been a few words that she used daily for months and now she won't say them she would say "dog" and point to our dog but now she says his name. So, that really doesn't concern me. With having the "State Insurance" only when I take her to the Dr. it's a different one every time and that makes it difficult to have that special one on one attention from the same Pedi. Yes at her 6 mo visit they asked questions about Autism and also had a checklist of words she should know at her age..which she does. She can say and point to her eyes, ears, nose, hair, tummy, & toes. Thanks again for your post! Have a great day!

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Just an idea... Have you had him checked for Autism? As this is a sign. Good Luck to you and your son! Hopefully, everything will be fine. I also agree with the other moms to have a Speech Therapist.

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I agree with Michelle. Was nothing said about this during his 2 year and 3 year annual checkups?
Please take him to a pediatrician as soon as possible and get a referral for speech and developmental therapy.

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You should have taken him to a therapist at least a year ago. Get to your doctor and get a referral to a speech therapist.

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