My son is 15 months and gets into everything! Is it to soon to dicipline him??


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Crystal - posted on 06/14/2010




well since my daughter was 1 ive used timeout, it works. we dont spank in my house bcuz i feel like she'll think if she doesnt get her way, she can hit. i want to teach her to use her words to express her emotions. we dont even use timeout that often , maybe once a month. because she listens to the word no very well.

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He is definitely old enough to learn what you don't want him to get into. A firm, consistent, "No" and redirection should work at this point.

Rebecca - posted on 06/14/2010




I swatted his hand when mine kept touching something dangerous, and he learned real quick! 15 months is too young for a spanking (even though I do believe in it, but let's not go there...I've been attacked on every other thread that has to do with spanking).

PATRICIA - posted on 06/09/2010




What do you mean by discipline him? In my opinion, If you mean time out and spanking (yes) its way too early.. Your best bet is lots of safety things so he cant open cubbords, for dangerous things make a big fuss when he goes near it. say things like "ouch".. "hot" (for stove) "nooo owiie" Things like that worked for my daughter at that age, shut all the doors to all the rooms too and keep them in child safe areas, is all you can really do, its just a stage.

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