my son is 15months n what kind of milk should I use.whole milk, two % n one % all makes him not b able to go to the bathroom n he seems like it hurts when he does go so I tried silk soy milk n that made his stoles very watery.what should I do n what other milk can I try.I need help n my doc dont give me much advice


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Michele - posted on 12/15/2012




Yea I tried all of it.2% 1% n it all did the same thing he just cant go to the bathroom so I tried the soy milk n it made him have diarrhea..whats goats they sell it at any grocery store? I will try anything at this point.I feel bad for him

Jennifer - posted on 12/15/2012




At 15months, typically they should drink whole milk, because their brains need the extra fat for development, but it all depends on what your child can handle. If he has trouble with whole milk, but seems ok with 2%, then switch. A couple of my children couldn't handle the whole. They had the same trouble your son had with it. If it seems he can't handle any of it, then maybe goats milk would be best.

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