my son is 2 years old but he is not gaining his weight so what i will do please suggest me,,,


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Chesnie - posted on 12/15/2012




My daughter wasn't gaining weight either at 1 and 2. She's 3 now and only weighs 26lbs. We tried pediatric sure (it's expensive though) or use carnation instant breakfast in milk....also use butter on most of your meals and snack a lot. They get most f their calories from snacks. But be aware the carnation breakfast fills them up so they may not eat much at lunch or dinner.

Patricia - posted on 12/09/2012




Well first what has his pediatrician said about it? Where is he on the charts? What is his diet like? Does he have any health issues that are keeping him from gaining weight? Is he healthy overall? He needs a good check up and then move on from there.

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