My son is 21 months & we are having challenges to get him to eat some solid foods such as meat.


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Yuki - posted on 02/17/2010




I read a New York Times article a couple years ago, and I apologize that I can't find the link, but it works and I've seen it with my kids. They go through phases with food. The best you can do is keep offering it to them, but don't react negatively or positively if they don't eat or do, respectively. They'll eventually try it and start to explore their tastes. Give them a multivitamin daily, too. Our pediatrician said that kids have an innate ability to know what their bodies need. As long as they're still thriving there's no need to worry about force feeding them. Just keep offering a small portion and eventually they'll try it.

Veronica - posted on 02/17/2010




I simply shred the meat (steak/chicken/pork,etc) into very small bites -- and put a nice litte portion on their plate - give them the plate and I dont say a word. Let them try it for themselves, dont fuss about it, or even comments about it. Let him eat his dinner - you might be surprised and he may just eat it. If he doesn't - at least you offered it - eventually he will eat it. My kids love steak, roast, chicken, pork, hot dogs, etc. -- sometimes i will put a tiny bit of ketchup or steak sauce on their plate for them to dip into. my kids also like dipping stuff in ranch dressing.

It might take him a bit to get used to the taste and texture and the fact that sometimes its something thats got to be chewed for a while -- but if you dont make a fuss - they eventually start to eat it on their own.

This is key with any and all food - just offer it, and dont say a word. Kids' taste buds change all the time too - so they might not eat it now, but maybe in a few weeks they will.

Katie - posted on 02/17/2010




Not every child is a big meat eater. Solids are challenging. Owen was probably 3 before he would even consider a chicken nugget, hot dog, ham, fish sticks or cheeseburger. If I make the item plain and offer dipping options that helps :) The one thing he did like earlier was bacon. My doc said as long as he was getting the nutrients from milk, fruits and veggies he'd be fine. They really don't NEED as much as you might think.

Natalie - posted on 02/17/2010




Both of my kids aren't big meat eaters... all you can do is give plenty of options. The do go through phases, they might eat something one day and not the next.

That's why i put my kids on a multi-vitamin. At least this way they're getting what they need

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