my son is 3 and we are going through autism testing it is mainly his speech fine motor skills and social skills...i want to start toilet training but am not sure how to go about it. he has weed in th e toilet a cou ple of times but he wont tell you most of the time if he needs his nappy changed. he wont sit on a potty at all


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Amanda - posted on 02/01/2013




thanks that's a good idea I think we will try it. he responds well to Freddo frogs lol

Sarah - posted on 02/01/2013




I am not sure if my advice will be very helpful. You are kind of in a rock and a hard place. Trying to teach something to someone that has a hard time communicating. I do know that with autistic children they do well with routine, so maybe that would be where I would start. If this would work....I know you stated that he won't sit on the potty at all. If you can get him to sit what I would do is just start a potty routine. Don't ask if he has to go just have him sit and try. If he does not go at first don't worry about it becomes more routine that part might come. If he responds to treats or stickers I would do that for a reward. At first start by giving it to him if he sits as this becomes successful then up the treat to only when he pees or poops on the potty. For the routine I would start off it just before nap and bedtime when that starts going good then I would add in after nap and when he gets up in the morning. Again as that becomes successful then add in going/trying about an hour after he eats.

There is an autism/asperger's/PDD awareness group on here that might actually have some better insight and maybe even support. There seems to be many people on that group that have children with autism, asperger's or PDD.

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