my son is 5 yrs od,he doesn't like to drink milk,what can i do?


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As long as he's getting enough calcium from other sources - such as yoghurt, cheese, etc - I wouldn't sweat it too much - although I do agree to try the Chocolate Ovaltine, or other flavors. Ask his pediatrician how much calcium he should be getting a day and as long as that is met - actual milk consumption shouldn't be an issue. Some people just don't care for the taste/texture of milk.

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Well I was raised in a non-milk drinking family and am just fine. I think as long as he gets everything he needs somewhere else it is really not a big deal.


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If he doesnt like chocolate milk there is always strawberry and if you let them help you make it then it is more like a game and they want to do it more often. Also have you seen the go gurts? They are the yogurts in the tube if you can get your child to eat things with plenty of calcium like yogurts,cheese any dairy products it will help his bones until you get him back to liking milk.

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There is Rice drink , almond drink it has alot of protien and vitamins, The vanilla rice drink is great on cereal. You can find them in any grocery store, but I find Trader Joe's has the better price. My kids love it.

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Try chocolate or strawberry milk, adding the little bit of sugar isn't so bad considering all the good the milk does for the child. It is incredible important for him to drink milk or take a milk sub (which may be even more gross). Good Luck!

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The Doctor who treats my children has told me that you actually get more calcium from yogurt than milk and it wasn't necessary for them to drink milk as long as they are getting calcium from other sources. She was also against adding flavoring because of the added sugar but I still give my child Chocolate Quick on occasion. Some kids do not like the Malt favoring of Ovaltine and Quick has the added vitamins as well. It also has other flavoring such as strawberry. If your child is having a hard time keeping his weight up you can add healthy stuff to the foods you serve him. The Doctor told us it was even okay to add butter or olive oil to things like vegetables. As you get used to thinking about what can you add to their food you may be surprised how creative you can become. :-)

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All children are picky!! Did you try adding chocolate syrup? I'm sure that he is geeting all of the necessary nutrients that are needed from fruits,vegetables,grains,etc. Especially if he's taking a gummy multivitamin. I have a brother that is now 24 years old that only uses milk in his cereal, even as a child. But drinking it alone was a no no. Does your son at least do that?There are other options like the new protien drink for children made by Gerber,it's similar to Ensure for adults! Overall- Don't worry he's getting all of the nutrients he needs !

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My son is nine and has never cared much for milk either. I agree with the other moms, as long as he is getting his calcuim and vitamin D from other sources, he should be fine. (yogurt, cheese, chocolate or strawberry milk....)

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he doesn't like chocolate mike too,he can drinks 200ml milk within 2 hours long,what can i do?he looks like monkey,not stronger,that's why i'm so care about his drinking for!!

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My 4 yr old is the same way.....along with alternate sources of calcium....Lil Critters makes not only gummy vites, they also make calcium supplements for kids. I get this at Target. It's in the same isle as the kids vitamins are...

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my oldest son doesnt like milk but he loves chocolate milk...try ovaltine...they say it is better for them and has more vitamins etc....everybody loves chocolate =0)

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