my son is 9 months now and drinking whole milk. his father gave to him and i think its too soon. his stool is hard and green. i dont know what to do?


Lori - posted on 09/16/2012




It is too soon. Whole milk is recommended until AFTER 12 months of age. Whether he's breastfed or formula fed, he needs that.. not whole milk. Please have a talk with his father, and don't give him anymore whole milk until after his first birthday. Cow milk proteins are made for cows to digest, not for babies to digest. In formula, they are broken down some so that a baby can digest them, and other important nutrients are added too. Breast milk is even better, as it is taylor made for human babies.

If he had one cup of milk, and one hard stool, I wouldn't worry too much. Get him off the whole milk and he should be back to normal stools again soon. If this becomes an issue, try feeding him some prunes, or pears. Make sure he's also drinking water (not enough water can cause constipation to be much much worse).

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