My son is almost 16 months old and has only said dada once. should i be worried?

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My son is 16 months old. A few months ago he said "dada" clear as day and never said it again. He repeats sounds like "mamamamamama" or "dadadadada" and he will point to the dog and say "da" but hasn't actually said any words since the day he said dada. Should I start worrying?


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My daughter to almost three and can say up to 30 words but she still has problems stringing words to make sentences, i have been told that each baby is different, i i think that she i just being shy because she understands what we tell her, she just doesnt tell us what she wants, i would wait and see and then take her the doctor to have her evaluated

Sarah - posted on 04/11/2012




He is still young yet and might just be one that will all of a sudden start talking clear as day. But you may want to just have his hearing and speech evaluated just in case. If you are in the US I could get connected with your local AEA (area education agency). If you need help call your local school and they can direct you to them. They are free and if your son does need help the speech therapy is free also. There are lots of services that they can do up to age 3 yrs old then they can still help just the type of help can change (more group and less individual). If there is an issue the younger he is the better....that is why I say it is not a bad idea to just have an evaluation done.


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