my son is in grade one,and he is taking 3 languages french,arabic and english..aside from academic subjects is it normal?


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It seems a bit much to me, but it could be more normal in some cultures.

I live in the US, in the past, many children here did not start learning a second language until grade 6, however, it is much harder to learn at that point if they only have experience with one language, so we are starting to introduce the 2nd language around age 6 or grade 1 now. So they are learning English (as the first/natural language), and one other language like French, Spanish, or Arabic. If they have this early experience with a second language, additional languages can be introduced later and learned more easily.

That said, I know several bilingual families who have children who have been taught both English and the families' original language (one is Arabic, one is Spanish, and several are German and French) who have their children learning both languages they have been hearing since birth, and one additional language.

I think it is very important for our children to speak at least 3 languages, and I know that I will be making sure J can speak French, German, and Spanish before he graduates, but I don't think we need to introduce them all at once. Right now, J speaks English and studies German. When he has mastered German, we will move on to Spanish, then French last. Keep an eye on your son--it if seems like he is struggling too much, cut back to two languages and add the third later.


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Hi Kelly,thank you for your insights.I really appreciate it.Goodluck to both of us. :)

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