my son is not paying concentration in studies

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my son is 5 yrs old now. He is a very active boy. He never feel tired even after 2 hours long playing outside. But when it comes to study he never give any attention. When ever I tell him to study, he becomes upset and after 5 minutes he starts saying "mama its enough for today" .He repeats this for so many times. He gets easily bored with his study. What should I do.He is very eager to go to school and enjoy his company at school but at home I can not help him.What should I do?


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Agatha - posted on 04/16/2015




Try to bring in some physical motivators; like ice cream or candies after he has studied. That way he knows he will get rewarded for studying so he will then be more keen to study. Eventually, he will continue to study because of the gift afterwards.
There is one scare to this though. He may get addicted and then when you can's give him gifts after studies anymore, he may get demotivated. So, this aspect needs to be considered right from the beginning. Think about ways to get him off the ice cream, candies, pies, juices, etc., etc. when he eventually grows up.

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