my son is small for his age

Danielle - posted on 07/14/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




my son will be 2 on 19th aug and im worried his really small for his age. his in 18/24 mths clothes and the tops are alittle long but trousers are so long i have to fold them up a couple of times. he has only just started talkin in the last couple of months but will only say 1 word. i would say he knows about 15 words but he goes ever so shy in front of people and wont say nothing, but his clever in the way he acts nd if i ask him something he understands what i say. i am only 5 ft and im 27 next month so he prob takes after me. im just so worried as his so small compared to other kids his age.


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Jeneva - posted on 07/14/2011




As long as he is consistently growing there is no need to worry. At 2 years old, my son was still in 18mth clothes. Now at almost 3 he is only in 2T. He's 24lbs and 35inches. Barely on the charts. But he's always been like that and he is still growing and developing. So he's healthy. Your son is probably the same way.

As far as words, keep an eye on it but understanding is the biggest thing so don't worry too much. My daughter didn't start talking till 2 and was pretty quiet around other people till then but she is great now.

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He may be small but in no way is he behind. We come in all shapes and sizes. Just let him know as he gets older that his size cannot describe him. He seems like he has a good head on his shoulders let his smarts be in place of size. He sounds like he is right were he needs to be!!! My 8 month out daughter is just now fitting into 6 month clothing. There is nothing wrong with a peanut!!!

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My three year old can still fit into 24m clothes. Like adults, some kids are small and some are big. It's okay. He probably just takes after you.

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I have twin boys... One just does everything and the other is just content to do nothing. My kids have always been on the small side. The one that likes to sit back and just play with puzzles and read books is smaller then my other one. He wont talk and he is in 9 to 12 month clothing ( they are 18 months) but everytime i go to the doctor they say he is healthy and nothing is wrong with m=him. I would say if you are really that worried about it take him to your doctor and tell him your concerns, have him looked at and then if they say nothing is wrong just spend a little extra time working with him... He will catch on soon enough! I wouldnt worrie unless your doctor says there is something to worrie about! Good Luck! Hope that helps!

Michelle - posted on 07/14/2011




Don't worry. My son is small too. He's going to be 4 in October he's in 3t's right now. Although his waistline is 24 months and he falls below the third percentile in weight. After months of testing for things and him being found healthy my MIL finally told us that she was 30 pounds in the third grade. My husband and I are both short. So don't worry about it. As long as he's healthy you have nothing to worry about. Give the speech thing some more time. It's not something to worry about quite yet either.

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