My son is very tension!!!

Elizabeth - posted on 12/29/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son seems stiff when i would dress him even when I do message for 10 min he doesn't like it. he also cry when I would un dress him or dress him. he will be 4 month in 2 weeks. is this normal? I heard that boys are hard to teach? when my son get mad he has his hand close so hard that i try to open them and he is strong baby =)


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Julie - posted on 01/03/2010




LOL. He sounds cold to me. At that age neither of my boys wanted to be undressed for anything. Some babies love their warm bath, not my boys they always cried. They are just cold blooded and love to be warm. My boys are older now and quite normal - and LOVE their bath time - can't get them out!

I think he's normal. The closed hands thing is normal too - at least it was for my boys. My boys are very bright and quick learners. I don't think boys are difficult to teach but I do recommend the book called "Boys and Girls learn differently" by Michael Gurian. It focuses on how boys learn differently. I found it very helpful with teaching my boys. Good luck...

Renae - posted on 01/03/2010




Check this with your doctor. I havent heard of a baby being "stiff" before.

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