My son is weird with his dad

Jayme - posted on 09/23/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is going to be 2 in November. He's very much spoiled but not by me and my boyfriend his spoiled by his grandparents. If he sees my grandma, his great grandma, he will RUN full speed and ditch whoever he is with to get to her!! If anyone pick him up... For instance, when I pick him up to take him home he will have a full blown temper tantrum! His great grandma is his favorite person and if she isn't in town hell do the same thing for my mom and want nothing to do with me..... What I guess I'm trying to get to is that my son will choose a favorite for who ever he is around. But when he's home with me and my boyfriend he doesn't want anything to do with my boyfriend! And all he try's to do is love him, play with him, cuddle, ext ext. I don't know why he does this and it hurts him so bad and it's stressful because he doesn't want him 90% of the time!!!!!!!!

Me personally, I believe he is jealous of his other son. His other son is all over him and mean to my son. Even though my son isn't all over him and playful (he never really is. He likes to play by himself and read books and watch tv) he doesn't want my boyfriend attention on him. And the baby is here a lot!!!! Majority of the time. Another big part I believe it is is that my boyfriend is that displinary one. If any of the kids are crying or being bad and I say "hey! Stop it, no!" They keep crying. The second he just says "hey!" And points they stop and put their heads down and walk away.

I WISH I could be the discipline one for the kids and he was the good one but they refuse to listen to me. It's just weird how my son is!!!!!!!!! Because there IS times (rarely but it happens) my son only wants him!!!!!! Nothing to do with me and he just wants to play and sit on his lap and give him kisses. It's once in a blue moon and I wish he was like this more.

My son is not my boyfriends son but he did take him in at 4 months old and that's the only father he knows. His real father doesn't want him so it's not that my boyfriend is a stranger or anything because my son waves and says hi to anyone he sees. I just don't know what to do!!! It's stressful because it does cause a fight between us sometimes. Help!!!!!

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