My son repeats things I say and he does'nt do it constantly, but his pediatrician said he should be over that by age 3 or they will have to look into it? Does anyone else's children do the same thing?


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The older the kids get the better they pick up on things so we as parents just have to choose our words carefully. But most of the time it's just a phase or some do it for fun, they like saying what mommy says lol.


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Anna - posted on 08/23/2011




Its totally not Autism....because he doesnt show any signs of being Autistic. His speech is very good aswell....he talks in sentences and very smart. Im thinking its just a little phase he's going through at this age. As long as I keep my FAITH in God, everything will be ok =)....Thanks for all of your inputs ladies, very helpful!

[deleted account] you mean you will say something and he says it right back or do you mean you say something and hours or days later he says it? My daughter is 4 and i find her repeating words I say like "Darn it" If he repeats it right after you say it then I would be a bit more concerned and look into it. Our kids want to be like us so the repeating hours of days later I mentioned means you just have to be careful what you say. Are there anyother things you see as a warning sign to a problem? Like most words are unclear, or he has a habit of repeating things such as lining things up in patterns or order. Or he has large melt downs when things get stressful, or other learning delays/not meeting milestones?

Michelle - posted on 08/15/2011




It's normal before 3. At 3 they should have gotten over it. My son has a speech delay and is being evaluated for sensory processing disorder. He is in speech therapy twice a week for the next few months. He still does it sometimes. But really you don't have to worry before then.

Katherine - posted on 08/15/2011




It's called echolalia. And a lot of autistic children have it. As long as he's not displaying any other signs of autism, I wouldn't be worried, but he does need it evaluated.

Jennifer - posted on 08/15/2011




my bfs 3 yr old son repeats everything he says and he has a speech delay he gets speech therapy 3 times a wk and his repeating everything has slowed down tremendously it doesnt hurt to get his speech checked out to make sure that theres nothing wrong with his language

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