my three year old hardly eats. help!

Valerie - posted on 11/12/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My three year old daughter will hardly eat. She'll look at the food and say she doesn't like it The most I can get her to eat is a couple bites of cereal in the morning and a piece or two of bread during the afternoon. She's always been a picky eater but lately it's gotten worse. Recently there's been a few changes for her though, like starting preschool, my husband (her daddy) has gone to Kuwait and she has a three week old brother now (she has a one year old sister already so I didn't think another baby would cause too much change for her but maybe it has). I think this could be her way of trying to feel like she has control over all the changes. Any suggestions or tricks for getting her to eat?


Valerie - posted on 11/25/2011




Thanks for the suggestions! I've started letting her prepare her meals and she's eating a little better now (thank goodness) And it's good to know I'm not the only parent dealing with something like this!

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I know how you feel! :( my daughter just turned 4 and we have been going through this same thing (minus all the changes) with her since she was 2! A lot of it was us and catering to what she liked and just thinking it was easier to give her what she wanted....WRONG! So now we're paying for it. We finally had it and told her that when she turned 4, we were done giving her "her foods," as she called them, and she would need to eat BIG girl foods too, what Mom and Dad and big brother eat. Its just recent so we're still dealing with the backlash and tantrums. Today she went without lunch. I know she won't starve herself so we're going to stay strong and just keep putting it in front of her. It is a complete battle for control (at least in my daughter)...and that is what we were told by our Dr. But they too said "don't get in a food war with her" ...but I think now, it's time. lol Best of luck. Just keep trying...they won't starve themselves.


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DIPS! Ranch, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, honey, mustard, dressings, ... works everytime =)

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My 3 1/2 yr old is the same way! She eats very little, my almost 18 month old usually has the same or more food. I just make sure I give her a multivitamin and try to give her something she liked for one meal during the day. Kids will eat when they are hungry, I figure she only weighs about a fifth of what I do so the little amount she eats seems so small but for her maybe that is what she needs. Maybe it is re-assuring to know your daughter is def not the only one :)

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Be patient. I'd also weigh her once a week to make sure she isnt losing weight. I have a 4 yr old girl, 2 yr old girl, and a 10month old. Both of my girls have gone through this phase between the ages of 2-3 1/2. They dont want it or barely touch it. My 2 yr old is driving me insain with it. Maybe have her help "plan" meals. Like say your having chicken and hamburger this week. Ask her which she would like to have and then give her the choice of a veggie then mash potatoes or rolls. I have found if my kids help plan the meal then its what they will eat. It also helps with having a new baby because she feels helpful and big. Just keep reminding her how you love having a big girl and she is such a good example for her sister and brother. Good luck!

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I think this is something that you should talk to her pedi about. Being a mom of 3 would be hard but, if I where you I would try and make things interesting. Let her make meals w/ you. Let her help you sit the table or maybe let her help you prepare her younger siblngs meals and help feed them a little. I am a mom of 1 so that is what I would do. Most of all call her dr. she might be missing her Dad she has alot going on in her little head that she just can't comprehend right now. Good Luck and May God send your husband home soon!!

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