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Dipithashayan - posted on 06/17/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was 56 kgs when I got married in 2012 .. Then 4 months later I got prego... And now we have a beautiful baby girl 1yr and two months.. After all this I'm still 70 kgs. It has been affecting my period.. Haven't had my preriods regularly also..


Diana - posted on 06/18/2014




I know exactly where you come from. With my first baby I gained 60 pounds and took a long time for me to lost it. Then I got pregnant a second time and it was even worst. Now I'm happy to say that I got back into my original weight.
I became a nutritional coach precisely beacuse of this reason. As moms, is very difficult to set a time for ourselves. If you are interested, I do free coaching and free wellness profile to help you achieve your goals to loose weight in a healthy way and with products that will help have more energy and concentration to be with the little ones and feel happy about yourself!

And what Tany said is so true, try to go for a walk everyday at least 25 minutes, go to the park and run whike you have her/him in the stroller. Drink a lot of water!

I know you can do it!


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Tany - posted on 06/18/2014




Having a baby can be very hard on your body. The hormones alone can cause many changes. I found it very difficult after I had my first child to shift the pregnancy weight. being stuck at home doesn't help either. You have to rearrange your life around the baby and their needs. In the end I found a couple of people in a similar situation and we formed a sort of support group for each other. We did buggy walks and we joined a weight loss group. being able to support each other was a big help. going to play groups also helped get me out of the house. As far as your menstrual cycle goes, I would visit a doctor if I were you or speak to your Health visitor next time you take little legs to get weight. Don't ignore it. I hope this help :)

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