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April - posted on 11/18/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Okay, my three yr old son keeps taking off his underwear and running around the house naked! He does this several times a day. I keep telling him this is not a nudist colony be he keeps on..Any advice on how to get him to keep his pants on? I'm sure this is a guy thing :)lol


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Chloe - posted on 11/19/2009




my son 10 months he will take he diaper off and run around with nothing on, it dont worry me that much right now because his a baby, my nextdoor little boys run around with nothing on out side but it so hot here

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well my boys are 2 and 1.. after bath i put on diaper and let them run around after that w/o clothes for a while, im hoping it gets it out of their system.. that was kind of my reasoning b/c my older has exzema, so he had to dry b4 i clothed, my 1 yr old is like hey why do i still have clothes on... so its seemed to work by just letting them go w/o clothes for a bit

Amanda - posted on 11/19/2009




try getting boxerbreifs for the bigger boys we did that for our now four year old my mom used an old school trick on my brothers n would squirt them with a spay bottle but i tried that with my son and it made it a bigger game for my son i suggest just getting boxer briefs and maybe letting them know that the bathtub is the only place we are naked

Brittany - posted on 11/19/2009




My son just recently turned one, and he is usually only wearing a diaper, so when I dress him he thinks it's so fun. He takes off elastic waist pants when he poops though.

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i dont have any advice but my son who is 19 an half months like to take his clothes of an run around an one time he tried to take his shirt of in the store, like im the type of mom who has always gotting there baby dressed like since the day my son was born he has worn atleadt two outfits a day well one outfit an the jammies so i think my child just like to feel free lol

Mary - posted on 11/18/2009




My three year old is doing the same. I think because they just recently potty trained they love the free feeling underpants provide. And they really are discovering their penis. My sons run around after a bath & watch it bounce around a little. He sometimes pulls his pants down & says "See my penis?". It should pass I think. Just hope he doesn't do it in public.

Anne - posted on 11/18/2009




lol my lil girl use to do that too we told her it wasnt ok to run around naked but didnt work in the end she grew out of it

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