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I live in Australia and we have public kinder for 3 year olds. I enrolled my little boy as the classes were going to be held in the morning, twice a week for 2.5 hrs each. I thought he would benefit with the socializing and activities, but there is no absolute MUST GO until he's 4. Now, here is my conundrum. The kindergarten sent me a letter changing the sessions from morning to afternoon, problem is, my little man still naps 1:30-2hrs every afternoon, if he doesn't he gets very tired and grumpy. I put him down at 8:30pm and he goes until about 7:30 the next morning, so he sleeps well at night. I can't put him in bed any earlier as daddy comes from work at 7:30 in the evening and they need that time together. So, I am torn between taking him to the afternoon sessions and sacrificing his naps and dealing with a little sleep deprived monster twice a week OR just giving kinder a pass for another year and let him nap as much as he likes for another year. What should I do?


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I'm in Australia as well and never sent any of my children to 3yo Kindy. I have had them in daycare though because I have always worked so I didn't see the need for it.
Do what you feel comfortable with. If you feel he would benefit from social outing join a playgroup in your area or check out what your local library has on. There are plenty of other ways for him to interact with other children.
If it's some time to do what you want on your own you could always put him in daycare for a morning a week.

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