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My son just turned 12 months old! He HATES taking naps and throws a fit when I put him in his crib, he cries, and cries, and cries until he just falls asleep, is that normal?


Andrea - posted on 01/29/2010




It doesn't hurt him ti cry. I try really hard to give my kids a nap at the same time every day, the weekends are a little tricky. My 5 year old to this day naps

My oldest son did the same thing both at nap time and bedtime. We turned nap time into reading time. I would let him pick out several books and I would read them to him. When we finished it was my turn to read what I wanted but he had to stay with me sense I stayed with him, He could look at 1 of his books but no talking. with in 10 minutes he would be asleep. It has worked with all 4 for my kids so far, On the weekends when all my kids are not in school, we still have reading time. The older kids read while the younger ones are sleeping and sometimes it leads to a well deserved nap for everyone. My kids have a great love for reading. My oldest is now 10 and he reads on a 9th grade level, my 8 in second grade reads on a 6th grade level my 2 others are not in school yet.

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Yes, that's normal. He's just reaching the age where he wants to do what he wants, not what he needs. That's just kids in general. one things is to try to calm him before he naps. don't wait until he's drop dead tired and overstimulated. Settle him, read a book, rock, rub his back and once he's settled, calmly lay him down and let him fall asleep himself. might help.

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I just laid down two 1 year olds and 1 just cried and cried and screamed and I reassured her and laid her back down 3 times then set a timer for 5 minutes to check on her and she was asleep with 2 minutes left on the timer. It seems so much longer, so I get comfort from the timer knowing it is only short term. If three 5 minutes on the timer go by, I try something else, check diaper, give a drink, check head to toe for anything abnormal...Same thing Alicia said theres usually a 1-2 hour nap to follow. I try to plan naps after 4-5 hours of playtime, that seems like what this age needs. Good luck and know that everything changes soon enough.

Alicia - posted on 01/29/2010




Probably! Has he always been like this? How many naps is he taking? If it is relatively recent development and he is taking 2 naps/day, he might be ready for just one. How long does he sleep once he gives in? If it's a decent amount of time, he probably needs the rest. It's hard to know and so frustrating. My 20 month old is fighting his nap with all his might lately, but once he sleeps, he's out for 2+ hours so i KNOW he's tired. I just don't give in and keep to a schedule.


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