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Shannon - posted on 06/21/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I know that I never had children. So I don't know How it feels when You have children or to recover from a C-Section. But I just had a Hysterectomy and I have the same kind of cut. I am going out of my mind because I want to get back and do what I normally do. I feel like I am helpless. Staying in bed is just getting old for me. How do I relax when I want to do is clean. The doctor said that I have to watch want I do for 6 weeks. I don't know how long I can last in bed. And my husband is getting upset because I want stay still. What is there I can do.


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Joan - posted on 06/21/2010




i had a hysterectomy also. i was up and around as long as i was comfortable.just don't do any lifting or squating.move gently you may have to leave the cleaning to others but you should be able to straighten out some things do some sorting have someone carry the laundry you should be able to fold it etc..
good luck

CARRIE - posted on 06/21/2010




From what I hear a hysterectomy is harder on your body that a c-section. I had a c-section and was told to take it easy for the first 6 weeks but, they didn't tell me that I couldn't do anything or that I had to stay in bed. I couldn't drive and I wasn't suppose to lift anything heavier than the baby. But, I still did a lot of things including cooking. And when I did need to rest I got caught up on some reading, did some research on the net, scrap booked, and did cross word puzzles. You could catch up on some projects that you can do while sitting. If you keep busy then the time will go fast.

Zara - posted on 06/21/2010




Hello Shannon,

I agree with Carolee When I broke my hip I wasn't able to do much for quite some time and I started crochet, which I had never really done much of and I really enjoyed that. If you like to to scrapbook that would be a good thing to do! Good Luck I hope your six week wait is up soon!!

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My husbands nana has just had a hysterectomy and she too has to take it easy for around 6 weeks. What shocks me most is that they mak it seem like such an easy operation...which it is but the recovery seems like hell and takes so long! She had hers 3 weeks ago and still can't walk very far. I hope you're feeling better soon! Try occupying yourself in bed - read a magazine, pair the socks lol, watch some dvds. How long ago did you have the operation?

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