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So I have adhd as well as my three and a half year old daughter. Well my soon to be hubby and I use to do alot of different drugs. Well we have been totally clean for almost two years. I am struggling in school really bad and I decided to talk to the doctor and try and see what he says about getting back on medication for it. Well neither of us wanted me to go on to medication but after we had our talk about you know my previous post aoubt our relationship. Well he told me to go ahead and go to the doctor and see what he has to say. I took information in there about non medications like herbal remadies like focus formula. He said he has not had much sucess with patients that take it and its expensive. Well then I asked bout diet and he told me nothing would really help it either. So he wrote me a script for aderall which I was on in high school and I did great in shcool when I was on it. Well we are at dinner and he says that I am like off the wall but we will try it for a week and see how my body reacts. Well not to mention I shouldnt of taken it yesterday cause I took it at three in the afternoon so it was probally part of why he thought I was off the wall. But then later that night he gets mad and tells me that its ten o'clock and he has not even been able to relax since he got home cause the kids have been crazy and I have not stoped doing something since he got home. So of course I got mad cause i was just doing school. I spated out then I just wont take it. I am confused on what to do cause he tells me to go to the doctor and then is mad at me cause I got back on meds. Well what do I do cause for the first time in a long time I not only had energy to get things done that needed to be done for a while. I also actually passed my test for the first time in four weeks in school. I am torn I dont want this to be a problem between us but I feel the medication has alardy started to help me and its the lowest dose that there is. I dont know if any one has any expereince with it or being on it or even having ADHD but i would love some help here.


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This shouldn't be about what your husband wants. It's your health and mental well being that you are talking about. Your husband needs to be supportive during this transition period. Discuss the side effect with him as well as your doctor and come up with ways that you can handle the side effects together. Also share with him the positive effects of the medication so that he sees and realizes how important and good this is for you as well as your family.

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First of all, I am in no way an expert so let's just that out there first. :)
But what I do know is when starting new meds it does take your body some time to adjust. You may experience a lot of unwanted side effects in the beginning. I would suggest taking the medication for at least 60-90 days before deciding whether or not to stop taking them. Of course, keep your doctor informed about the side effects. Talk to your husband about how you are feeling about it. And keep in mind that medications sometimes take time to achieve desired effects. If they still aren't working for you after you've given them some time, I'm sure your doctor will try something else for you.


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Never, ever take your medication after lunch! If you take it every morning as soon as you get up it should wear off by the time your husband gets home, so he won't see you being "off the wall."

Your husband was just tired and frustrated. Take your Adderall early, get all your work done before he gets home, and the only thing he'll notice is that the house is cleaner and you are happier about school.

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I ment to mention in my post that my hubby also has ADD. I also have tried the cup of coffee a day and many differnt diets for it and it has not helped. But I think him having anxiety problems and having ADD is why it was so hard for him to deal with me dealing with it. But its good to say taking it in the morning yesterday made things go smoother it didnt bother him yesterday I think I was off the wall cause it had been so long since I took it that I took it when I filled the script at like three in the afternoon. I think that had a lot to do with it. Thank you all for your advice.

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The medication has not done much for your spelling. You should re-read and edit that post. I am guilty of quite a few misspellings of my own, but that's why re-reading is such a good idea. I love the edit button on here and I use it all the time.

Spelling aside, I have ADHD and I have never been medicated for it. I did not do too well in school. But I did pass, and sometimes that's all you can do. I meditate and that seems to help. I also used to drink coffee. One cup a day. When I drank more caffeine it did not help. When I cut down to one cup of coffee (shown to improve brain functioning) it seemed to be a way of "self medicating". I don't know that such a thing would work for anybody else but it did help me, so might be worth putting out there.

Good luck with whatever you decide. I know how hard ADHD can be.

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I would have him read The ADHD Effect on Marriage: Understand and Rebuild Your Relationship in Six Steps -Melissa Orlov. or Living With ADD When You're Not the One Who Has It: A Workbook For Partners
Resources that are specifically for Partners of People with Attention Deficit Disorder are far and few between. This book is one of a kind and offers much needed tips and strategies for partners of people with Attention Deficit Disorder. ". It will help him understand the what whys and all of that of it, so he can be more informed about you and why you shouldnt let it go untreated.

I had my hubby read the bipolar child when we first got serious because I am bipolar, not a child but it gives in site to the disease and how to cope with loving someone who has it.

Good Luck

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Sounds like your husband meeds to be educated on adhd and the medication. Maybe some counseling would help you two communicate and understand things better?

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