Need advice for my best friend

Amrit - posted on 04/11/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My best friend has been married for 6 years and she and her husband have a 15 month old- she just found out this winter that her husband let some girl give him a blow-job (twice), and that he had been lying to her about where and with whom he was spending his free time for the last 6 months.
I don't know how to advise her because it is such a delicate situation- they are living in his parents house so that they can save money and she is a stay at home mom and depends entirely on him for income and everything. She would basically have nothing if she left, and she is afraid to leave because she doesn't know who could watch her son if she had to go back to work full time. She is embarrassed/afraid to tell her in-laws because they live in the same house and she doesn't want 'home counseling' sessions, but it isn't fair that she should have to put up with it and keep it all to herself.

Her husband has pretty much said that he doesn't love her anymore and that she isn't the same person that she was when they married. She is at the point where she doesn't think she would take him back now even if he asked, but she needs his money to take care of herself and their son. She never thought he was the type of guy who would cheat, and she suddenly is faced with a lot of challenges. She doesn't want to get divorced and 'make him suffer' but I don't know what to tell her to do instead... he can't just take advantage of how nice she is being about all of it.
Any advice? I don't want to be the friend whose advice makes things even worse.


Delilah - posted on 04/12/2013




I would start with counseling for her .she could talk to them and help figure out what is best in her situation

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