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Normally I keep to myself and try to figure things out on my own, probably why I'm here now. First and foremost I absolutely love my family, mean the world to me. I am 24 with four children(3 boys:5,4,2; 1girl 7months). Since my first son was born I have been home. I worked for several months before I got pregnant with my two year old, since then I am a SAHM. I live in Texas with my oh so wonderful in laws while my family lives in California. The last time I got to see them was a for my grandpa's funeral in April. Anyway we left Cali in 08 so that we would be able to get a new start. But it seems trouble is stuck....wait doesn't sound right. My hubby and I don't have the most ideal relationship, but we had been working things out, obviously with four kids right. well he'd been working things out of town since early October; 7 days a weeks. 70+ hours. Well he Jason a drinking problem, im sure, and got fired last night. Fired because he was falling asleep on the job after a night of drunkenness. The sad thing is he also admitting to cheating on me the same night. I am so lost. He's told me everything I want to hear ; deep in my heart I know he's a good man. He just needs help and I am afraid I can't give him the help he needs. I have forgiven him for the mean things he's done in the past. Are there limits to forgiveness? Am I really so stupid to take him back. will an ultimatum work? I could use a few words, yes I know. Much appreciated.


Michelle - posted on 12/09/2012




If he wants help then he should get some professional help. He has to want help though.

My ex is an alcoholic (was when we were married and still is now) and unless they admit it there's nothing you can do. My ex also cheated on me and I found it too hard to get past it.

Maybe even see a councilor yourself to help you through all the emotions that you are going through.

Cicely - posted on 12/10/2012




If he wanted to change he'd seek perfesional help,you cant make him change! he has to want it for himself, as for cheating thats a hard thing to get past,but its not impossable, to me if hes cheated once hes done it before or will most likely will do it again! you can always try counceling,


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Thank you so much ladies. Guess it takes hearing it from someone who doesn't know me personally. I think it's a good idea for us to both get counseling. I know it will help us and our family. Again thank you much! :)

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