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Rosa - posted on 01/19/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




im a stay at home mom, im 25 and strugle with how my body looks after 4 kids and can't find the will to do anything about it i just don't look at myself in the mirror ,because i gross myself out.!!! Please help me find.the way.


Meg - posted on 01/20/2012




Not to worry, we all feel that way sometimes. I have come across the same issue in my own experience, and working in weight-loss clinics (also have my diploma in natural health practitioning)

Try to plan meals a week ahead to be healthy and filling...think fish and salads, eggs and veggies, yougurt, nuts and seeds for snacks. Try using coconut oil as a healthy fat that can boost your metabolism, and sea veggies help keep your thyroid in check. Try some stretching with the kids, yoga or otherwise, and just plain silly dancing around (can be a really fun way to burn some calories and tighten up). There are simple excercises you can do throughout the day that will help tone things up. Mainly start somewhere, even if you feel down about it. The more you do that is good for you, the better you will feel and it will snowball your motivation to keep it up!

After 4 babies your system needs to replenish its vitamin and mineral stores. Trying taking greens daily, seaweed is great for minerals too. Boost your intake of healthy fats; omega 3 supplements, fish oil, and evening primrose oil. These help boost your mood and help your metabolism start burning white body fat.

Luckily you are young, and your body has the ability to bounce back close to 100% when you care for it. Try to re-establish a loving relationship with your body, after all it has produced 4 little miracles! Think of yourself in a positive way, and spend some time caring for you. You will do it, just take your time and don't give up! Core yoga excercises are an easy way to start, and make a daily walk part of your rountine. Best of luck Rosa! You can do it!

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