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Carolyn - posted on 03/29/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




We are planning a trip to Disney World this summer. We are flying to FL and staying with friends. We're going to Disney with the other family which will make 4 adults and 4 kids under the age of 4. I'm nervous about flying with my 20 month old as well as being at Disney with 4 young kids. What are some life saving tips for us?


Danielle - posted on 03/31/2010




I would actually suggest that you travel to Orlando with your own stroller because it means you holding your 20 month old in the airports for the entire time. If you are cool with that then no probs with renting a stroller at WDW. However, try and find out what the stroller looks like first before leaving your own first. Check out disneyworld's website as they have blogs that can be helpful to you. I would also suggest that you come up with a plan for the park so that some adults and kids are not being dragged to rides that are not intersting to them. A friend of mine recently went to Magic Kingdom with her 2 year old son and friends and she said they wasted alot of time arguing about where to go in the park.
For the takeoff and landing give your child something to drink or eat for his ears.
Also try and walk with your own food for baby of course and maybe even for the adults.
Restaurants at WDW are VERY crowded and the food tends to be a little pricey.
I never walk with food and ALWAYS regret not packing sandwiches.

Debi - posted on 03/31/2010




Pack trail size sunscreens they are lighter and you can buy several keep at the hotel and take a new one the next day... They have the fan that mist water that you can buy at a dollar store or a Walmart... freeze some drinks part way that way they stay cold longer and they will like the slush part. Snacks kind that don't get smashed, if they chew gum or even for the Adults. First Aid kit is a MUST have small nothing big for the Just incase or the scraped knee mine came in handy or a little boy in front of us that fell and he would not quit screaming until I put on a bandaid it helped everyone around us have a better day. Hope you have a great and safe trip.

Sarah - posted on 03/29/2010




At Disney World there are these passes called Fast Pass for the rides that are very popular. So you don't have to stand in a long line for hours you can get a fast pass and then come back at the time it says on the pass. Just have to plan your rides around those fast pass times. Rent a stoller there....they have awesome stollers and you just pay once at one park and can use the stollers at any of the parks. This way you don't have to carry your stoller with. Not sure if you will be able to do this or not since you are not staying on Disney grounds, but they have times when people can come in early before the park opens to the general public. If you are able to do that DO IT!! It gets HOT in the afternoon and the lines get longer. If you have rain ponchos (sp) bring them (you can buy them there too)....It tends to rain in the afternoon, but rides keep on going. So we just put on a poncho (sp) and kept on going. The even do the afternoon parade in the rain (if it is raining). Which reminds me there is a parade every afternoon at 3 pm I believe (fun to watch). Each night before the park closes they also have fireworks at each park (9 pm). At Magic Kingdom the Winnie the Pooh area and Micky's clubhouse or area (towards the back of the park) will most likely be the most fun for the kids. Go through Micky's house and it will lead you to an area where you get to meet Minnie and Micky. Oh and if there are certain people you want to see (Disney Princceses, etc.) look into doing a breakfast or lunch with them. You can find out more information on their website about that. But walking around in the park you don't always get to see the ones you want to, so the meal thing you do and they come around for pictures. A bit more spendy, but well worth the memories. You do have to make reservations. If there are some little girls that love princesses they have a breakfast with the princesses in that famous castle you see at Magic Kingdom. Splash Mountain is a fun ride to go on too....not sure if there is a height requirement or not on that one. It is like those log rides at water parks, but much longer. It is not too wild so if there is not a height requirement it would work with little kids. You do get wet, so a good one to do in the middle of the afternoon (but it does get long is a fast pass one). Not sure what your plans are while down there but if you wanted another park to visit Univeral Studio is a good one. The adults would love some of the rides there and then there is also a Dr. Suess part with many different rides from Dr. Suess stories.

For the flying part. Pack lots of things that will entertain. I tend to buy many different small and cheap toys, books, activity things that are only meant for the plane ride. Do bring some of their must haves, but also bring some new things. When taking off and landing have them drink water or eat something like fruit snacks or something that they have to chew on for awhile. Gum works good too if they are old enough to chew it.

Have fun and enjoy your trip.


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Carolyn - posted on 03/31/2010




I already bought my tickets, and we used allegiant air. We're spending one day in Magic Kingdom. What area of the park is the least crowded for toddlers and at what time of the day? What are your secrets for keeping the kids cool and happy?

Amy - posted on 03/29/2010




sarah said some great tips and depending what town your flying out of there is a website called they have very cheap flights that are sometimes like 40 dollars 1 way and they go to orlando. and take as little stuffin with you as possible to the park they do have locker rentails that are like 15 dollars for the day. and florida residents can buy special tickets for disney world i think that are only 98 dollars but its a season pass. and if by any chance you are military you get one free day at certain parks each year

Kandace - posted on 03/29/2010




call ahead of time and make sure you can get the car seat on the plane its easier to put it by the window. also the sooner you book the flight the better price you get also do your research about what area the rides that they can ride on are and the shows that are shorter so that they dont get fussy and make you leave the shows.

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