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Mother of 2, gave up a career to take care of family. Emotionally its been a rollercoaster, more downs than ups. My environment are filled with uptight moms so as a friendly person, i feel lost. Worse part is my husband just too buzy to connect with this part of me and men will never understand. I hate being stuck watchg tv all day but hv no choice besides being around the kids. Tried making frens with other moms from my kids school but just can't connect coz ended up with ppl taking advantage of me, for example using me to look after their kids while they go out.. im tired, i need to meet good natured ppl to help share our live stories...sos


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Thanks for yr kind reply Sarah. This is my 5th yr at home with kids. They go to school from 8-4pm. I've tried many things to do, even took out part time job as realtor but due to my commitment to my family, i had to quit. Then tried to open an online boutique but got cheated off by some irresponsible vendors. Anyway, i need more of adult interaction coz as person, i like to share my thoughts as well as listen to others' on any subject. I can talk abt anytg from world economy to fashion trends. Yeah library sounds fun but not from where im from. Ppl are alittle bit uptight or shall i say reserved, maybe they their reasons. Guess i hv to try harder or just accept things as it is.

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