Need help! 5 month old wont sleep and I dont know what to do

Hayley - posted on 04/30/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




First off I have a 3 year old girl who we are currently about to have evaluated by a therapist because shes had problems with extensive tantrums, anger and routines (my husband and his dad have ocd). So she takes so much of my energy daily. I have a son who just turned 5 months old today. He has slept pretty well up until about 4 months old when he got sick with an upper resp. infection. Before that infection he would only wake up once a night for a bottle between 2 and 4 and would sleep until 8 a.m. So we took him to the dr and got him better from the infection. Every since he got sick he wakes up between 6 and 10 times a night!! Im so exhausted, I will go in and rub his belly and tell him to go back to bed. Sometimes he does but hes right back up 20 minutes later! And its to the point where hes starting to act like hes starving at night taking about 4 bottles through the night..personally I think its just becoming a habit for him..I dont really think hes that hungry. But he seems ancy all night and doesnt seem to be able to soothe himself to sleep. His pacifier falls out all the time and he wont go back to sleep without it. Its been so bad my husband has been going and getting him from his bed and putting him in our bed and Ive been going to the couch. My husband says even in our bed he still wakes up several times. I know hes been teething because he just got 2 new teeth but this is ridiculous. I cant even get him to take good naps during the day. My husband and I are dying for sleep. Everyone keeps telling us to do the cry it out method but when I have tried that he wakes our 3 year old up and thats a whole other mess! anyone ever had this problem?? please help...also Ive tried giving him tylenol and gas drops...and giving rice cereal before bed. Nothing is helping


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It sounds like there may be something more going on here. Perhaps another trip to the pediatrician to make sure that there is no issues with his ears etc. still. Kids have a terrible tendency to get secondary infections after the original seems to have passed. Especially since he is still so young. The drinking and sucking at night may be relieving pressure in his ears if they are bothering him. Kids sleep when they are tired. Don't let him cry it out, he is a baby and in my opinion that is a very bad tactic, especially if he is still not feeling 100%.

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