need help getting 23month old to put himself to sleep!!!

Chandra - posted on 04/08/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 23 month old has become overly dependent on having me nurse him to sleep whether it be for nap time or bedtime..there was a time when he was between 4 and 12 months old that he could out himself to sleep without nursing or being held and as a bonus it was in his own bed or pack and play, but for the last 11 months he hasn't slept in his own bed nor put himself to sleep , he has become more reliant on breast feeding to sleep and the worst part is now just to get him down for a nap it takes over an hour to get him down , and that's after running around at the park for hours and drinking loads of water to fill him as well as reading to him before nap time...he knows he is tired cause he will say sleepy and go into the bed and grab the blanket waiting for me , but he just get's energized out of nowhere!! I don't know what i should do... It's just my husband and I we have no help or any one to give us advice, i've read every book i could think of as well as gone with my instincts, I've tried letting him cry it out in his crib, and that is just torture for me but i fight it...but he still just doesnt seem to get it, he will start to cry and and hold his breath or stick hi legs through the bars, he throws out his blankets pillows and ends up puking from trying to hold his breathe!!! it has been making me very stressed and anxious. what should I do? I know he is smart so i know he understands but am i not making it clear that it is okay to sleep on his own? have i done something wrong?! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!

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