need help helpin special needs chil with divorce

Marie - posted on 01/21/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




i know this is a delicate thang to talk abut. but would and could use any advice from anyone thats been in my shoes before. im goin thru divorce. i have a deaf, epileptic and autistic son . his father never really took intrest in our chid while to gether or spent much time with him. now we are seperated and child is beeing forced to see father by court. if i had say i would nt let see him. when he dont want to. he is starting to acting out and becomeing destrutive. i am concern this may not be best thang and afraid that he will resort back to were he was 3 yrs ago in a shell and not responding with the world.but hands are tyed. does anyone have suggestions to help with this or know were i can turn to. need help marie in ohio

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MJ - posted on 11/15/2013




Marie-I'm in a similar situation. My boy is soon to be 13. His dad played video games w/ my son for few minutes every day-- that's about it...but it meant everything to developmentally disabled child -When his dad up & left the state, my son was admitted 2x psychiatric & gets destructive & hurtful only 2 suddenly break down in tears...
We are finally going to be seeing a therapist who works w/ kids like Michael. I think this will be helpful for all thof us..,

Lisa - posted on 01/21/2011




I would start with a therapist. They can document that this is an unhealthy situation for your child so you can go back to court.

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