need help with bed time

Aimee - posted on 11/07/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




my son of 19 months wont go to bed befor 11pm i have done everthing ive been told but nothing is working, i cant take it no more as puttin problems in my relationship it really hard can anyone help me please


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Alexis - posted on 11/07/2009




I agree with the other moms - a 1 1/2 year old should only need one nap during the day. The latest I would put him down is 3 and if he goes down that late i wouldn't let him sleep past 4:30. As for going to bed at 11 ... obviously you cant put him down to bed at 8 the next night, he wont go to bed right away ... what my sister did when she had this problem was put him down to bed at 10:30 for a week and when he got used to that, put him down at 10 for a week ... and so on and so on until she got to the time she wanted - which was 8. You and your hubby NEED That time together in the evenings to de-compress and re-connect, so if I were you I'd start doing this SOON. Kids also need a routine when it comes to bed time ... I do a bath every other night and always 2 or 3 books and then tuck into bed, give him a kiss and then turn off the light and walk away. Routine is VERY important for kids - so just another thought for you to consider. Good luck!

Lana - posted on 11/07/2009




i put my 5 kids from 7yrs to 5mths all to bed at 8pm no lights no tv , i tuck them in an say goodnight than i shut there door at first we had tantrums an screamin an non stop cryin but dont give in if they come out you say nothing just them back to bed.

Tshawn - posted on 11/07/2009




Time to cry it out, let him go in the room watch some cartoons and lay down.. maybe a bed time snack with milk, and he should go right to sleep and if not.. just dont pay him any attention.. let him know that its YOUR TIME! and he is to be in bed by 9! or whenever..

i consider it mommie and daddie time at 9pm... haha!

Mistie - posted on 11/07/2009




i agree if he is napping to much or at a late time than he is probably a night owl and doesn't want to sleep until a later time!! Make his nap by 12:00pm.
My kids napped early cause they were night owls. It seemed to work!

Rochelle - posted on 11/07/2009




I agree with the other moms! I would limit him to one nap during the day. But I would make sure it was no later then 1:30pm I read a book about sleeping habits for children a few years ago and in it they recommend you feed kids dinner about 3 hours before bed that way there food settles but they are still full so they sleep better. They also recommend that you have a laid back evening after dinner so that the kids wind down and relax. Try bath, then story time and cuddling then lights out! No, delays! I hope this helps and good luck!

Victoria - posted on 11/07/2009




You could have one like my son we had to completly take away nap time. He would take a nap at 11am and still would not go to bed till 1 in the morn..

Tasha - posted on 11/07/2009




I agree with Holly. If he is taking more than one nap in a day you should move it into one nap. That one nap shouldn't be later than 4 cause that could cause him to stay up late. Too much sugar can also cause him to stay up late. And believe it or not but I found that with my kids if they ate anything (no matter what it was) after about 7 they would stay up later.

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There are lots of reasons a child won't sleep right away. A 19 month old is supposed to sleep around 11-14 hours total, depending on a number of factors (including temperament, nap times, etc). I would eliminate a nap. Sometimes it's nice to have that break during the day, but I find I'd rather have extended time with my husband in the evening. What time does he wake up in the morning? You could try waking him up an hour earlier, in 15 minute intervals, unless he is already up too early. My 22 month old son sleeps from 8 p.m. - 6:30-7 a.m., and he usually takes a 1 hour nap after lunch, around 1 p.m. It also helps to set a schedule. For instance, we have dinner, then it's bath time, story time, singing time, and off to bed. No excuses. Consistency is key.

Holly - posted on 11/07/2009




How many naps is he taking during the day and at what times? He should only be having about one nap a day at this point and it shouldnt be after about 4pm. Is he having caffeine? Sugar? Too much stimulation? All those thing would prohibit him from going to sleep.

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