Need help with breastfeeding my 3 week old baby girl

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Hoping someone has some advice for me in the breastfeeding department. I'm having somewhat of a hard time in keeping my 3 week old baby breastfeed properly.

She'd suck really well for the whole of maybe two minutes and then she'd just be fussy and squirm a lot. I try to keep her on for at least 15 mins but with her moving around so much it really is a struggle. Im pretty sure that its not to do with how often i breastfeed her because i do generally stick to approx 3 hourly unless she's really hysterical. How do i get her to breastfeed properly (continuous sucking) for a good 10mins? Sometimes i keep her on the breast for almost an hour to make sure she gets fed properly as she sometimes just does very tiny sucks every 10seconds or so, im not even sure she gets any milk at those times?!

Also i find it very painful on my back and shoulders to breastfeed. I always find myself hunching over her to breastfeed her as i'm having to use one arm to hold her while the other i use to "squash" my boob so that she can latch on properly and stay latched on. And then being in that type of position its really difficult to breastfeed in public (even using a blanket) which results in being stuck at home too much.

I'm finding that im getting to my whitts end with the whole thing. Does anyone have anything encouraging to say or any advice that could help me? Did anyone else have these problems and get passed them? I find that i really envy those women that make breastfeeding seem so easy. I wish it was that easy for me and my baby.
I'm really looking for advice from other breastfeeding mums.


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Heather - posted on 06/10/2010




Find a lactation consultant! But remember that they are consultants, they can only give advice. You will find what is right for you and your baby if you keep on trying. I've read a lot of great advice. If ur breasts are too full baby can't latch right, this can happen if you are producing a lot of milk or if you are waiting too long between feeding. I found that on demand feeding worked best for me and my son, and if he went longer than 2hrs between being hungry I would pump at the 2 hr mark to make sure i didn't get too full. This also helped with milk production to get stronger as he would usually eat with in 45mins to 1hr of me pumping, but I rarely had to feed him what I had pumped. As he got older I alternated breasts by feeding and the one I didn't use got pumped. Also the bring baby to breast not breast to baby is a great piece of advice. My back felt sooooo much better when i finally figered this out. Good Luck momma!! and please feel free to message me if you need anymore information or would like to chat about this some more.

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My baby did the latch on for a few seconds then squirm thing. When I called a lactation consultant they said I might have to much or not enough milk. My breast where tight so I thought it must be too much . I pumped before feeding and he latched on much longer. It helped. I also learned that sometimes he was not latching on for long just because he was not hungry yet (I had a fixed schedule in my head and I wanted him to fallow it) .
Are you making the baby come to your breast or are you bring your breast to the baby? If you are bring you breast to the baby you will always end up hunching over . Also using a pillow like a Boppy helps. When the both of you get the hang of it the pillow will not be as necessary.
Keep a number for a lactation consultant on hand and have a good support group . It can be hard a first you are both learning. I had all kinds of problems at first but now my baby is happy breast feed baby.

Carisa - posted on 06/10/2010




I find it frustrating that my OB is not an expert in breastfeeding...doesn't that seem like something they should teach in Med school?

I found having my Boppy pillow is very important. I didn't bring it to the hospital and really struggled nursing my second (the excruciating cramps didn't help either) I also found when my babies were little the football hold worked better than the traditional position (tuck her body under the arm of the side of the breast you are feeding on)

I still sometimes squash my boob to help my daughter and she is 14 months old!

Keep's worth it.

[deleted account]

I did have a lot of help at the hospital with breastfeeding, which has helped me to get this far. with my first born i could only do it for a week, so to have lasted 3 weeks is an acheivement for me, but i want it to last for a couple months at least. i found though that every midwife from the hospital has different advice, and by the end of two weeks ii was quite some encouraged on demand feeding some didnt, some said to alternate breast some said not to until the next feed....can get confusing.

thanks terrill for your tips on how to attach properly, and thanks tasha for advice to not go so long between feeds, what you said there makes sense. i will try this. thanks :)

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My first daughter had trouble with latching and would only eat like your for a few mins. My midwife suggested not waiting as long between feedings so she wasnt over hungry because she was getting to excited about eatting then getting frustrated when she wasnt latched right and getting her milk. I run on if the baby is hungry feed them. When ppl say 2-3 hours I take it as a guideline. Each baby is different. Good luck hope it helps.

Terrill - posted on 06/10/2010




I am sorry to hear you are having such a struggle with this. I am lucky in that when I gave birth, a midwife came around to me in the hospital and then when I was at home to show me how to breastfeed properly.

The best thing that worked for me was to be in a comfortable chair with a fairly high back so I could sit up straight. This helps with the back aches. Then I cradled him with his head in the crook of my arm, sometimes I put a pillow underneath him to help with the support. His bottom lip lined up with the bottom of my nipple ( I always made sure my nipple was firm before doing this otherwise he could not attach properly), and he basically did the rest! Sometimes I had to rub my nipple on his mouth to let him know it was there but when he was attached, the only part of my areola that could be seen was the very top, which the midwife said was how it should be. My son took to it immediately but I know many women that struggle with breastfeeding and I feel it is due to the fact that they have not been shown how to do this properly. Are you not able to go to your doctor/midwife so they can show how to properly breastfeed?

Good luck!

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