Need Help with Childern that are A.D.H.D

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My son is 7 yrs old......and in gr 2 this yr.....everyday i get a call from his school b/c he is hiding under a table or dosent want to do his school work...i dont know what eles to do.....he is on meds for this twice a day and dont seem to be working anymore.....what eles can i do??


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Maybe he has outgrown his current dosage. He may need to be reevaluated by his doctor especially if there has been a recent weight gain. Perhaps his teacher could develop a behavior plan for him with some motivating rewards. I did that often for my students.

Erika - posted on 10/06/2009




Quoting Jackie:

She is not looking to pay your bills.  Push your products some where else!

I really am trying to help! I don't sell products.

Jackie - posted on 10/06/2009




Quoting Erika:

What type of products do you use in your home? There are chemicals in products that can make things worse. You might be interested in converting your home into all natural products. Check out this link.

She is not looking to pay your bills.  Push your products some where else!

Crystal - posted on 10/05/2009




my son is adhd and I to was having the same problem but come to find out he didnt like his teacher because she always blamed him for stuff that he didnt do.. I took him to the doctor and the put him on meds too and then my friend told me about the cheese. take string cheese when he gets hyper and make him sat down and pull the cheese apart and eat it after that it calms them down..

Mandy - posted on 10/05/2009




in australia, there is something called the DORE program that trains their brain to the right way to behave. not sure where you are to if you have something like it. might be worth researching.

have you tried diet? the elimination diet has worked wonders on my sisters kids, as well as my son. it takes alot of time (i.e. cooking everything from scratch and reading every label) but is sooooo worth it.

also, if he is laready on meds, maybe he needs a different one? just watch they dont have too many side effects or iturn him into a zombi. i have heard that one turned this particular little boy very violent and had his parents by the throat with a knife. just be careful and do your research. alot of doctors are very quick to medicate instead of trying other things first.

here's what i would do

1. start elimination diet

2. find out if there is something simular to the DORE program in a city near you

3. talk to the school and see what they suggest

4. go back to the doctor or find a better one. i know a good dr near me, but if you are in another country, that isnt going to help :O)

i would be happy to do the research on the DORE program and email you stuff, as well s on the elimination diet if you would like me to.

all the best. i know how hard it can be.


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