Need help with disobedient toddler

Ann - posted on 06/05/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Lately my 2.5yr old has been going haywire in her room when she's supposed to be napping. I've tried everything down to skipping nap time which doesn't work cause then she gets tired, cranky, and very upset. But lately she's been pulling all her clothes out of her closet and throwing them all over her room, she takes all her bedding and sometimes even the mattress off her big girl bed she's climbed on storage bins I've taken them out she used to have closet doors but she ripped them off the runners and they broke like.. I just seriously am out of options because I can't trust her in her room or fear that somehow she'll end up hurting herself one way or another. Can someone please point me in the right direction or just reassure me it's just a phase haha and how to keep my sanity through it all?


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Leslie - posted on 07/27/2014




My little guy has been having similar episodes lately, Ive noticed its usually when Im not giving him enough 1 on 1 due to tending to the baby, or just getting absorbed in other things like chores(or facebook, lets not kid ourselves lol). I have also noticed that earlier naps seem to be better, but the biggest factor in the moods of my son seems to be how early or late he gets up in the morning. If we all sleep in until 8/9 then he's none too happy and neither am I, if we're up early though, at 7, then everyone is happier and the day goes much smoother. As far as the closet goes you could always put a lock on it way at the top of the door, the sliding ones work well.

Chet - posted on 07/24/2014




Stay with her until she falls asleep, or until she is very close to falling asleep. Read to her, or sing or recite rhymes quietly. It can be very difficult for some children to unwind, and some need help staying still long enough to start falling asleep.

Napping is often harder when kids are overtired. Sometimes starting nap time earlier actually helps.

Try going for a walk and having her fall asleep in the stroller. Again, often the secret in getting toddlers to nap is to keep them still long enough so they can realise they're tired and fall asleep.

Erisreignssupreme - posted on 06/06/2014




well shes only ittie bittie baby still maybe she doesnt like being left alone. a little kid can feel very strongly about being left alone in a room. it can be scary when your small. she isnt doing it just to piss you off. they never are. they are trying to comunicate something they dont have words for and its our job to figure out what that is. sometimes just sitting calmly and breathing while a child demonstrates their emotions and frustration without reacting or trying to stop her can tell you what she is feeling. then you can figure out how to respond. disobiedience is a concept that kids that age do not have. making a child obey a routine or order that greatly upsets them seem to me like a very victorian thing to do. like making a woman obey a routine when it greatly upsets her. they called women hysterical when they didnt want to do what men wanted. now we call our kids disobedient because they have strong opinions and feelings about their environment. you can ignore it and get on with your routine she will eventually stop trying to comunicate those feelings and lock them up inside where society find s them acceptable. or you can listen to her understand her and respond to her. sometimes just being heard and understood is enough to make a person feel safe.

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