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i stay at home 24/7 due to the fact that i have been unable to get my license (and even when i do i could not afford a car)so i need ideas. What are some creative ways to keep an eleven month oldenterained and keep me from going craxy. any ideas would be great


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My son loves going on the bus! He stares at all the people and watches out the windows. Also walks near wild flowers, he drags his hand across them from his seat in the stroller.

When the weather here finally picks up we'll be moving back to the UK and there are lots of parks so I'll be grabbing a blanky, suncream and packing a picnic, making sure to include a few toys and some water in his sippy. He loves exploring so it'll be lots of fun!

Just try thinking out of the box, anything could be fun, even if it seems mundane to you! Like, get a big beachball and roll it to your baby and watch them double over in laughter! Blow dandilion seeds and baby will try catch some. Build a fort with couch cushions and blankets on a rainy day and explore it with baby!

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I love taking my son for walks around our neighborhood. It's great for loosing baby weight. I recommend making a walking buddy. If you have a friend with a little one too it's even better. It there is a park near by you can take your little one in the stroller with a blanket and a few toys or bubbles. I guarantee he/she will be all tired out afterwards.

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I understand where you're coming from Tiffani. I too have felt like I was gonna lose it because I couldn't come up with anything new(or so I thought) to do. I just kept reminding myself that this little person following me around and looking up to me for absolutely everything was still so new in this world-and that leaves a lot of possibilities open. What I sometimes do is try to think of something I take for granted just knowing what it does or how it works - like the zipper on my jacket, or the kitchen broom- and let my little one explore it. And Sara's right- it is good for them to learn to entertain themselves. :-)

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Read books, sing songs, play with blocks, color, swim in a kiddie pool outside, blow bubbles, etc. You don't have to keep a kid entertained 100% of the time. It's good for them to explore and play on their own too.

To keep you from going crazy, plan to go somewhere each day, even if it's just a little errand for an hour. Grocery store, library, park, lunch with a friend, zoo, mall, etc. Get dressed, do your make-up and you will feel fab when you go on your errand.

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