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Crystal - posted on 02/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I used to work, now I'm a stay at home mom. My daughter is now 8 months old and she keeps me busy through out the day but I would like to know if anyone had some suggestions for some activities that I can also enjoy......I've tried scrapbooking while my daughter plays with her toys but by the time I get situated, she wants to move on to something else. She's at a very clingy stage and it's hard to distract her long. I live in Aurora colorado so its difficult to do outside activities when it's snowing and cold. Anyone know of any activities that are fun for both of us to do?


Stephanie - posted on 02/27/2013




Do you mean like activities for you to do? Or for you and your daughter to do together? Because you probably won't be doing your grown things like up sewing or scrapbooking WITH your daughter (at least until she's 5 or 6). Maybe try stacking blocks and letting her knock them down. Or rolling a ball, reading books to her or playing pretend with her stuffed animals. Dancing to the radio is always fun, you may enjoy that, or you could push her on a swing, or let her jump in a jump-eroo while you read to her or sing silly songs. But, your grown-up activities will get harder and harder to do as she gets older, until she reaches around 4 or 5, then she can kind of help (if you don't mind a scrapbook page that looks like a 5 year old made it, literally).
I tried making some curtains and pillows for our bedroom while my daughter played, but every time I used the sewing machine, she would come over and pull on me to play with her. I wound up sewing everything while she was asleep for her naps, and then I was exhausted because I hadn't taken any rest for myself! My projects now are few and far between.
If you really want to get some time to do your own thing, go out after baby goes to sleep or bring her to your mom's house for a few hours.

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