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Carley - posted on 04/20/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am from Madison Heights, MI. Im 22 (gonna be 23 in august) with twin girls right now age 8 months. I have been with my bf for almost 2 years. He is generally a good bf but right now we live with his family and he doesnt have a job and neither do i but i am going to school and being a stay at home mom. I love my bf but i have been noticing things im not to happy with :(. I have noticed he lies to me a lot especially about places hes going or things hes doing. he hangs out with almost all females and tends to avoid telling me about it but i know from his fb. He also always keeps his phone attached to them and never answers texts in front of me and erases them if im in the view to see. and never allows me to touch his phone. He loves me i know it and does everything he can for me and when he does get money he pays the bills and tries to get things for me and our daughters. but i dont like the fact that i think he is cheating or at least texting other women and flirting knowing it upsets me. ive tried to blow it off because i know their are worse situations then this. I feel like i need to get some ideas of what i would need to do to leave him. I have no money, i dont really have family to go to if i were to leave, and i am taking care of my girls and going to school online part time and have no license. I feel stuck and as a mom now i cant be stuck like this. PLease help if u have any ideas of how i could get some help or what i could do so that i do not have to depend on him and stay in a situation that i dont deserve to be treated like this.


Cutemommy - posted on 04/20/2015




Take steps to get your license, and start looking for a job so you can set up an account to save money.I'm sure you can find some form of public transportation. How is your relationship with his family if you get a job and are trying to support your children you never know they might help you since you are the mother of their grandchildren. You should also be pushing him to get a job to really help support the kids. I feel so sad that he doesn't even work to take care of his children girl you need to get the ball rolling don't let another day go by without taking some sort of initiative. What kind of girls are talking to man with a girlfriend and two twin daughter's and no job not to be mean but he shouldn't have time to be on his phone he should be looking for a job.

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