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my daughter is almost 4 months old and my fiance works a third shifyt job. prior to her being born i had a job i had been at for 6 years. i have always been taught to provide for my amily and just dont feel that i am since i cannot orovide financially....being with her is one of the best things ive ever experienced and i took on alot of things at once. i moved wo hours from home to a place in the boonies and went from 0 children to 2. my fianes daughter. its been a emotional rollercoaster. my family is not happy with the move so i rarely talk to them. i dont feel desirable anymore. does cleaning a room or doing dishes really make a difference or count as work? i long for the adult contact and know no one in the area. my fiance is very supportive but if i dont figurte out things i might have more issues than just this like being single there any way to try and make this situation better?>> if so please help.....


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I know exactly how you feel. I'm in the same boat. We moved 45 minutes away from my closest family member to a town i had never even been to after I quit my job of 2 years to be a stay at home mom. The place we are in right now we don't have TV and we have 3 kids. How about that for a crazy time. I let the kids watch netflix on my computer because they have spent the last 2 months watching the same movies over andover again.
I know how hard it is to go from being a working member of society to feeling like you are nothing anymore. You get burned out on cleaning, cooking, you don't want to get dressed, you are just s bored!!

I long for adult conversation, even if it's just my relatives for a few minutes. i often call everyone can think of just so I have someone other than my kid to talk to. My husband drives a truck nationwide and is often gone for weeks at a time so that's not fun for us either.

One way you may be able to break up the lonely boring day is make friends on here and add them on facebook or google plus. Ifyou have a camera both of those sights offer free video chat through their service and you can talk to people all over the country, or even the world. If you have several friends all on the Google plus they have a group chat option where you can video chat with a group of friends all at the same time. That may be a fun idea if you find people you want to be friends with or that you already are. I know it's not the same as being in person but it does give you more human/adult contact.

If you don't feel comfortable being home all the time then maybe it's just not right for your personality. There's nothing wrong with that. Not every mom enjoys being home. Some women prefer to work. Who's choice was it for you to quit your job and stay home with the kids? Were you happy about it?
Yes cleaning a room and doing the dishes does wonders, you would be amazed. If your husband stops being interested in you, then start to worry about the way you look and how you are handling yourself. If he's not bothered by the things you worry about...stop worrying! you are a new mom. Stop fretting and enjoy your baby. She's only a baby for a short time. Trust me. I've been there. :) Just relax and unwind for a while. If the housework doesn't all get done, so what! There's always tomorrow! ::)

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