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Tonya - posted on 02/09/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




SO my younger kids(1,3,4,6) are usually very well behaved. They are great when we are doing activities etc, but can not entertain themselves for more than a few minutes. The oldest is getting better but not much. My biggest problem is when I try to talk on the phone or we are out places like church or a friends house where they are comfortable. they start going crazy! I try to do all important phone calls during nap time but can not always do that today alone i had to stop three Important phone call (bank, mortgage, and dr) to tell them to settle down because the other person could not hear me. Then at bath time the boys(4 6) were in the tub-- went to lay their pajamas on the bed and came back and the soap was in the toilet!!

Does anyone have any ideas on heloing them settle down when my full attention is not on them?


Kahne - posted on 02/10/2010




Ahhhh the life of a mom with young kids! Same problems here.... UNTIL.. I got a tip from someone and now its wonderful!

My kiddos are 7 & 3..... I have a tote with coloring items, simple toys, games etc... that they can ONLY play with when I am on the phone or in a time consuming moment like paying bills etc.. So when its time for me to be on the phone, or do somethig.... They get the tote!

Because this tote has all kinds of fun things in it...& they dont get to play with it very often.... they like it and it keeps them busy. When I am off the phone, they get 10 mins and then I put it away. :)


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Patricia - posted on 02/09/2010




i have a 4 year old whom im rarely around between work and him at his dads. i get the same thing from him. what works for me is to put on a 15 minuite cartoon it gets his full attention and when its over we have discussion time about what happened in the cartoon making it resorceful and educational because hes reflecting his understanding and learning what happened. As far as bath or other solo activities i do a quick eye sweep to make sure items he shouldn't have are out of reach it only takes 60 seconds.

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