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I just moved to Guam about 5 months ago. I am always at home with my 3 year old. My 14 year old goes to high school from 6am to about 2pm. My mother in law lives with me too. I feel so alone my husband works all the time he leaves by 6am gets home between 4 and 6pm.

I get up between 4am to 5am to start making breakfast and lunch for my daughter and husband. My youngest usually gets up about 5ish. My son the 3 year old starts in with his screaming when doing anything. It is starting to drive me batty. He knows how to talk I know he does. He chooses to drive me batty with the screaming and yelling. I know he is a little behind in his speech but the doctor told me not to worry about it that he would catch up no problem.

Here in Guam where I live there isn't a park close by to take him to play at. We have a play place in the mall that I live next to but it cost 7 dollar for him to go to and the kids there are not always the nicest and if my son screams having fun with his friends that he made there I get dirty looks from the other parents because my kid is the loudest in the screaming even though their kids are screaming too. So I just stay home inside with no one to talk to but my son.

Sometime the screaming gets to much for my mother in law I will take him up into my room and let him play and watch movies. I have noticed that if he is bored he will get more screamy. I know I should get him into Preschool but I can't afford it. Really even if I get a part time to full time job I still wouldn't be able to pay for Preschool and of course I don't qualify for any help.

Some days I just want to pull out my hair and cry because I can't get him to stop with that high pitch screaming and yelling. I tried timeout with him I tried talked to him. I have tried getting him to look at me and talk to him but right now nothing is getting through to him.

I know he is a normal wild 3 year old that has a lot of energy and part of his release is through his screaming but something gotta give because this mama is starting to get a little crazy with the screaming yelling at all times of the day until it is bed time which is 7-7:30pm He doesn't nap at all. So that is a LONG day by the end of the day I want a strong stiff drink.

I hope I am not the only mom going through this


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It has almost been a year he stop taking nap this past summer 2013. I did talk to his doctor today he is having a hard time getting his words out and gets excited so he screams. I will try ABCmouse I saw some commercial for that but 7.99 a month almost seems like a lot to spend monthly. I am also taking him in to get his hearing checked.
Thank you

Laura - posted on 02/26/2014




So how long has he not taken naps during the day? I'm not sure that's normal to stop napping that young... my 4 year old doesn't any more, either and she has a good bit of behavior problems, too. I've found starting a wind-down routine helpful, then sitting with her a little while helps while she falls asleep for a nap. Have you tried online sites like or Those are really good for at least building skills and keeping kids busy. Mine absolutely LOVE abcmouse, it's so fun! It is $7.99/month, but keeps them busy learning and playing games, etc. Also try Lots of books and stories! Have you talked to anyone about behavioral management? Maybe look up some stuff online to work with your 3 year old to nix the screaming? Sometimes using a time-limit with positive reinforcement for no screaming (that sort of thing) helps. Each time increase the time limit for a prize, etc. Hang in there! And do some research--you'll be surprised what you can find online these days!! :)

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