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hi ladies, i just joined this community, i am a big fan of circle of moms! just started coming on the site about a week ago...any who, i am a stay at home mom, i have 2 girls. Alexis who is 2 and will be 3 in june and Alaina who is 6 months old. i live in wi and we finally have nice weather! but not quite nice enough for the beach. during the summer thats what i do. alaina was just born in oct so its my first summer with 2 kids :) so beach, park, walks, zoo, arts and crafts for alexis, but what else? we are getting alexis enrolled in soccer for june, and dance in july. but what can i do outside? i will also have my 9 year old sister a lot. is there any fun game or project i don't know about? i love to bake also! i guess im really looking for new arts and crafts ideas, baking ideas that i can involve my sister and alexis in, and new games for outside! :)


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-nature walks (collecting items that the girls like)
-picking flowers and pressing them
-making fruit ice-lolly's (blend up fruit, pop into lollypop makers, freeze and enjoy)
-Imagination time... this was my fav as a kid! Get family members to part with things they no longer use (dress up type things), put everything in a chest and let them use their imaginations...
-Build a sheet-fort indoors (or out if not raining!)

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6 they have tons of ideas! or for your little ones I suggest getting "the toddler's busy book" by Trish Kuffner It was by far the best 10 dollars I ever spent! hope that helps!

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Gardening is always fun and interesting for kids, flowers or veggies or both. Draw on the sidewalk, keep it simple and ask them what they would like to do. See if your local library does storytime in the park. Make ice cream. Lots of things to do or try.


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