Need some opinions on vaccinating my son. Please I would love ne opinions.!

Shannon - posted on 11/10/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I hear all the news about the H1N1 shot, Our son gets the flu shot, I stay at home my husband works, we are very healthy fresh veggies and fruits every meal. Jaxon takes his vitamins he is a great eater, I am just nervous about this shot and I was wondering if any one else feels the same, We have done our reaserch I have had friends who's children have got the swine flu they had mild symtoms and are great now, ne advice would be amazing!!! Thank you!!


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Caryn - posted on 11/11/2009




IMO if its something you have to think twice about, you shouldn't do it. We don't get any flu shots, I just don't see the point in them, and this new one-is just that NEW-no one knows what possible long-term effects it may or may not have (only one of the thousands of reasons we will not be getting it!).

I would recommend just keeping hands washed and keeping the lysol wipes handy. Kids are going to get sick, thats a part of life. You have to make the decision as your son's mother as to what elements you do and don't want to expose him to. I personally think the H1N1 flu is no worse than the seasonal flu, the media is just making a big fuss over something that is unnessesary. People can die from things like bronchitius but they dont' ahve a vax for that so why do we need one for the common flu?

Is there a reason your son gets the seasonal flu shot? If so, you probably need to take that into consideration..

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Personally i feel i wont be giving it to my sons i think i'd rather risk the flu to be honest seems as most people seem to be recovering from it well. On the other hand if your son gets the normal flu shot he must be getting it for a reason so i would talk it over with your doctor before i make a decision especially if he has other health concerns

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