Need tips on getting baby to sleep in own bed

Leigh - posted on 02/04/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter is almost 12 months and she sleeps with my husband and I in our bed, I know that was our fault for starting it but she was colicy when she was little so thats the only way we could get any sleep. Well now that I have stopped nursing she is even more clingy and wont let me put her down in her bed. Any suggestions? I cant just let her cry in her bed I cant do it. I love her so much but I need for her to start sleeping in,her bed.


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We are currently trying to slowly transition our daughter out of our bed. She's only eight months old so I'm not ready for her to be too far just yet. We've sidecar-ed her crib to the bed (secured it to my side of the bed, with the one side removed - basically like an extension of our bed) so when she wakes up, I can nurse her right there, but once she's asleep, she's in her own area, not on our actual bed.
I figure this way, she'll start to get used to sleeping in the crib more or less on her own. (I also put her there for all her naps). Hopefully, around 12 months or so when we move the crib away from the bed (either across the room or in her own room), she'll be used to it enough by then, and used to sleeping by herself. We'll see how it goes!

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Does she nap in her own bed at daytime? Because that's the place to start, getting them used to their own bed at daytime even if you have to pat her and give her a toy for bedtime every time.

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Our son slept with us until he was 5. His favorite, older cousin, he told our son, "Big boys don't find it cool, if they learn their mate is still sleeping with his parents." One morning, our son woke beside the bed...then the foot of our bed...then in the hall...then the floor of his room...then his this day, he's never slept with anyone...he's 24 now. Hope this helps! The very thought of being a Momma's boy did now appeal to him!

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I'm in this same situation right now and while we everyone sleeps better when she's in the bed, my husband and I are ready to have our bed back! :) What we are doing is, we rock her to sleep....once she goes to sleep I carefully lay her in her own bed, if she does wake back up I go in and put my head near hers and lay my hand on her chest and try to comfort her. Sometimes this works and she'll go back to sleep, other times I'll have to get her out of bed and nurse/rock her back to sleep and start all over. I forget who said it but I heard somewhere that sleep "training" will either involve time or tears, it just depends which one you want to put up with. I can't stand the tears, so we're going with the time...yes it takes more time and I get less sleep this way but I'm hoping eventually she'll be more comfortable in her bed. This is only our second week of trying this out, but I just can't stand to let her cry it out. Hope you're having some success! :)

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My son slept in our bed a lot during the first year as well, but around his birthday I began to firmly explain it's time to sleep in your won bed. It helped that his sister was in the same room because he didn't feel so alone but still it was hard. We thought he felt trapped in the crib so at 15 months we switched to a toddler bed and that really helped. We got a lot of midnight visits for the first several months, but eventually he started to stay put. Now (29 mos) he sometimes comes in just to see us, will climb up on our bed, then turn around and head back to his own room. (I think it's a security issue). I would encourage you to give her things in the crib like books, blanket, animals, whatever will make her feel more comfortable to help with the transition. Good luck!

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You might just have to do the cry it out. I had to do it with my son because he kept waking in the middle of the night. He wasn't wet, hungry, or anything like that...The first few nights I did it with him I cried outside of his door wanting to go pick him up so bad but I knew if I broke down it would just get harder and harder. After a few days of this his crying got less and less. I would go in if his cry was different that I knew he was wet/hungry/scared or something like that. After a week I could hear him wake but he wasn't crying. He would play with his toys in the crib for 5 min then go back to bed on his own.

Since your situation is different than mine, my son wasn't in our might want to go in the first few times she starts to cry, lay her back down in her own crib and tell her good night again. Each time let her cry a little bit longer before you go back in and lay her back down again. You might also want to try to put like a shirt of yours or something down in the crib so she can still smell you-comfort thing- for the first few nights.

Good luck and stay strong.

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