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I seriously do this once a month. Right before i go to bed, i get the girls clothes (do it most nights) out & I tell myself......"Ok Kate you are going to wake up, jump in the shower, make breakfast and go walk to the park!" The next day i wake up take a shower, tell the kids to get muffins or whatever (so i dont have to physically make breakfast). I make a cup of coffee, get my 9 month old baby boy some cut up bananas in his highchair & I go and sit on the couch, either reading my book or playing a game on my phone. I ALWAYS tell myself DONT do this & to only do it while they eat breakfast. When they finish depending if i need to wipe down the table afterwards i will stop what im doing. Then after cleaning up and they go to play i end up back on the couch doing either the same thing or watching cartoons......then when its time for lunch i get something quick for the girls to eat, feed my lil boy and i dont bother making myself anything.....(that must be y i eat junk food all day but quick so i dont feed the kids it) the same thing for dinner as well. I do want to do arts & crafts with them but when they dont listen to me i basically they either play in their play corner or watch tv.....

i gotta be honest i did a good job for maybe a week.....went food shopping (love doing it) &.cooked EVERY meal and tried to workout when they were busy, but one meal i didnt feel like cooking and that was it....

hubby works nights so he sleeps during the day & I think that is why i dont want to do anything, because he comes home and goes on the computer, playing games or watching tv shows & doesnt leave it until he goes to bed. So once he goes to bed i gotta keep them quiet & busy, recently its been too hot to walk to the park or even sit outside.....(sometimes he will go to bed right away, other times he will stay up til noon or later)

I dont have a schedule and if i clean its quick (live in a 2 bedroom apt so its small) I did come across which is a chore planning list. I was wondering if anyone has it and if it works well for them? I am thinking of getting it but i dont know if i would really do it......hence need to get motivated......

sorry its long
Happy 4th of July :)


Louise - posted on 07/05/2012




Right then! Your kids are not getting much of your attention with that bloody phone attached to your hand. Stop playing games your kids need stimulating and so do you. If it is to hot to go outside then do some drawing or painting inside and when it is cooler give your kids a pot of water and a fat paint brush and let them draw all over everything. It will soon dry and the kids will think this is great. Organise your day so that you do something with them. Whether that is a jigsaw or play a game or read a book something is better than nothing. There are lots of mums and tots groups out there if your kids are under 5. Here you will meet other mums that feel the same as you do and your kids will find play mates. Also look in your local library, they often have a kids story time with different authors reading their bookds. Just put some effort into your day and you will be rewarded threefold by your kids. Looking at mum sat on the sofa playing games on her phone is not much of a role model is it!

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