Needs help to make her baby sleep more than 45 mins at a time at night!!

Erin - posted on 06/15/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi Mums! i need some serious help and with that some sleep! Can anyone tell me why my 3month old little boy sleeps through till 1am and then wakes every 30-45mins for the rest of the morning? What can i do to make him sleep longer cos i know he's tired. (Oh and i've tried to make him cry it out till he falls asleep but this only wakes him up more and he'll cry for over an hour if i let him).Thanks!


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Naomi - posted on 06/22/2010




hey my first time on here so here goes!
you need to get into a routine with him, maybe wake him a few times during the day and even wake him a cupple of hours before you go to bed, bath him, and give him a leg massage to relax him, thats what i had to do with my little girl and it seemed to work, hope that helps!

Cyndi - posted on 06/16/2010




I hear you. Hang in there. How long is he sleeping until 1am, when do you put him down? There are many reason why he might be waking he gassy, hungry, needing comfort? Are you breast feeding or giving him formula in a bottle? There are a couple of good books out there that might help you. The No Cry Sleep Solution or Baby Wise. Those are ones that have helped me with my boys. You can always consult your pediatrician if you are concerned or not sure what to do. Or also if there are any baby groups around that you can attend, I use to find those really helpful myself.

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I recommend getting a Baby Bjorn sling, it was a lifesaver for us! I would put my son in the sling and walk around in the dark until he fell asleep, then I'd lie on my side with him still in sling attached to me and we'd sleep like that for a few hours! If you're uncomfortable with the sling while sleeping, make a little "nest" out of blankets and pop your son in bed with you. Sometimes just being close to mom and/or dad works WONDERS!

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