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Why are there so many argumentative, rude, disrespectful, hateful moms on here? They seriously need to update this site to make it easier to protect you and to block and remove these people.


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Karinna - posted on 01/26/2010




mom knows best!!!! we all know whats best for our children. you cant let anyone make you think otherwise. i agree with the others just dont bring yourself to that level as them, we are all here for suport and advice that WE agree with for OUR children.

[deleted account]

That's part of life and so there's many different types of people who interact with others in many different ways.Some are rude and disrespectful and what we need to no is we are all entitled to our own opinion whether we feel it is right or wrong.

I bring helpful,kind respectful conversation to this site so thats what i like to receive from others to but again not all people are like me or others who do the same and i just have to deal with it you can only answer for your own actions or comments in this case at the end of it all.if someone is rude or what not to you don't bring yourself to respond to them as this is what most want so i don't give those the time of day. lol....some come to this site with all claws out lol.

Julie - posted on 01/26/2010




its true that you will always get moms who dont agree with you or have there own opinion how to deal with the issue but there is no reason to be rude lol

[deleted account]

I agree with Laura that there will always be controversy within any group of people because everyone's got an opinion on pretty much everything, but I also think there's a line that people just shouldn't cross. It's like, if someone's trying to fix a problem, it should be common sense (LOL Don't we all know it isn't common at all!) not to verbally kick the crap out of them by saying they have a problem. Here's an example:

I'm into extended harnessing and extended rear-facing (Hey look! Another controversial topic! LOL) and was asking for suggestions of a good 5-point harness car seat for my 6-year-old on a car seat safety message board. I said that I temporarily had her in a booster (this was months ago. We've got her harnessed again, thank goodness!), and some girl pipes up that if she weighs x number of pounds, she's too light to be in a booster in the first place. My knee jerk reaction was to say "Really? No s**t, Sherlock!" I mean, if someone's actively trying to fix a problem what's the point of reiterating that they have a problem? It's just to be rude and mean, and that's so unnecessary. I will never, for the life of me, understand why people do that.

Laura - posted on 01/25/2010




anytime you get a bunch of women together there will be drama to follow. even more so when it's about our babies and just try to ingnor the mean hateful stuff ppl say

Lisa - posted on 01/25/2010




I agree i have read a few posts and can't believe what some mothers write to other mum's. Mum's come here for support not to be put down. Like alot of it is bottle feeding a breast feeding. It's the mother's choice either way. And neither way makes her any less of a mother. I totaly agree with the above to post needs more monitoring and less negativity. Thanks :)

Sheree - posted on 01/25/2010




I think its because there are so many difference's of opinion. What is acceptable in one country isn't in another. so people cant understand why others are doing certain things with their children when they have been told strictly not to do it. But i agree there needs to be a way to monitor it, or the admins for each circle need to be more active and do something with these people :)

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