negative pregnancy test and pregnancy symptoms before my period

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I had my period may 6-12 and started having symptoms on the 22nd, ive taken a test three times a week n three different brands and all came up negative. Three of my gfs that I haven't talked to in years have said that they have had dreams I was pregnant which is weird to me, my body's changing dramatically and im loosing my mind because I dont know if I am or not and I need to know cuz of the job I do is very hands on work. Went to the doctor last sunday and they said wait a week and see what a test says n they refused to give me a blood test cuz they told me if it didnt show up in a urine test it wouldn't on a blood test :(

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Hi everyone, I have so many question but I think I'll just ask the most important ones, I have a really good regular period, and I am late almost 1 month and a half, I have taken many tests but all come back negative, I have had symptoms and I can just feel it that I am pregnant! Any advice? :/ I am dying to get my answers already

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