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Ok I am not the most "clean" person in the world. I keep the kitchen, bathroom, areas clean as I don't like food dirty or smelly dirty but I have 2 kids ages 5 and 2.5 who I let destroy the hosue and then don't pick it up till the next day or when we get around to it kind of dirty. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with number 3 and I have the everything has to be spotless kind of cleaning. I have been going though toys and tossing/getting rid of stuff we just don't need such as those cheap mc donalds toys and broken army men and what not. I also have been cleaning out clothing that we don't wear or don't fit into anymore and that is my least favorite thing to do is laundry and folding is another story. At one point I had a huge pile of clean laundry on my basement floor and now everything is clean and folded and put away on shelves all nice. So my question is, is this nesting as I never had this with my first 2 seeing we moved a few weeks before I had them.


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I always new when I was about to give birth as I would clean all the windows inside and out. That's the only time the windows got cleaned :)
It could be nesting but don't be too worried about going into labor soon.

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