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Meredith - posted on 12/17/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hey everyone, I am a first time mommy, and thru a series of unfortunate events (drama drama drama) I resigned from my teaching job, 1st year teaching. I loved teaching and never really thought I would go the stay at home route b/c my mom was a working mom but now that I'm doing it I don't know how working moms do it! Anyways I want to know what you do during your day. My daughter is 3 months old so she's fun but still not doing a whole lot of stuff and I like 90% love it and 10% get bored. What stuff do you do to keep busy? What is your schedule like? I want to set up a kind of routine but don't really know how or what to do. I also have 2 dogs that are pains in the butt (love them to death though) and probably require as much attention is Kenlee, so how would you balance that? How do you keep from going crazy on difficult days? Do you ever have time for yourself? Also, Kenlee still sleeps in a cradle in our room, I'm trying to get her to at least nap in her crib so when we move her into her room permanently she doesn't freak out or something....the longest span of time she's spent in her crib sleeping is about 20 minutes! How did you introduce your kids to the crib by themselves? Any other advice would be fantastic!


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Jodi - posted on 12/18/2009




I wish I had the problem of being bored!! lol My day goes something like this: (9mo old)

wake up at 5 am, change diaper, read a story or two, play in general. Listen to a lot of music (we don't have TV). Make breakfast around 7, done around 7:30, clean that up while she sits in her highchair witha sippy cup and some puffs. Then we do some educational play, we play with the shapes on our feltboard, the animals in our barn set, read LOTS of stories. Build with blocks and count them, things like that. Nap around 10 until 11 ish. Make lunch around 11:30, eat, clean up. she takes another nap about 1. Wake up, we go for large motor skills. We climb on the foam wedges we have, we walk together and chase each other crawling. At some point, we try to get outside. More reading (we probably reading 15-20 age appropriate books every day). Make dinner, eat more play time. bath at 6ish, in bed by 7. Then I clean the whole house, do laundry, and get meals and activities ready for the next day. I do not get free time and I don't get to bed until usually around 2 am. I take an hour, MAYBE 2 each night to log on here! For your daughter, you can read board books and cloth books, listen to music together and sing. play patacake and peekaboo, lots of face to face tummy time, baby massages, pointing to body parts etc. As for dogs, never had one so NO clue there! We let our daughter cry it out when we put her in her crib for the first time, she now sleeps through the night. Can I suggest you join my community SAHM's are Teachers! It's a community for moms to get together and swap ideas for educational and fun activities to with our children (of all ages). I post a new activity to try every week and try to include ideas to make it age appropriate for every age group. Hope you join it! Good luck with your daughter!!!

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I had problems with being a stay at home mom at first. In the begining you don't get much time to yourself and it does begin to drive you nuts. The one thing that I can suggest is get out. There must be some kind of mother's group around where you live and most of them can pick you up from your house. I had problems getting my child into her crib, I let her cry it out. There was nothing wrong, she was full and had a clean diaper. And believe it or not within a few days it worked, she was in her own bed and sleeping relatively soundly. I know it's hard to just let your baby cry, some people may even think it is wrong, but I found that after many ways of trying to get her into her own room and bed that was the only way that worked. Good luck to you. :)

Nicole - posted on 12/18/2009




I have a pain in the butt dog too, lol! She's a beagle, so she's small, and I'll take her out for a walk while pushing my son in the stroller. I started doing that when he was about 4-5 months. He's 1 now. (He was a winter baby, it was too cold to do anything sooner!) At that age I would also take him to the pet store to look at fish and we joined a museum here that has fish and other animals. We go there once or twice a month. I would also take him to the park and push him in the baby swing or go down the slide with him. We also joined the Y and I would go exercise for an hour (read a magazine on the treadmill) while he played with other babies in the daycare. I don't know what to tell you about the crib, we put my son in his own room at 2 weeks and he's been fine.

Charity - posted on 12/18/2009




I know exactly how you feel! And to be quite honest, I still have trouble finding things to occupy our time so I started a play group of my own. You can have it as often as you want or as little as you want. I have mine a few times a week.

Lauren - posted on 12/18/2009




Maybe go to a mops group or if your breast feed they have le leche league meetings. At that age I would take a nap if my son was taking one or try to get some house work done. There are lots more fun things to do during the summer, like walks or maybe go to a dog park or something. As far as the transfer from your room to the crib, I waited till my son was 6 months old before he slept in his crib in his room. He didn't sleep as well at first (he would wake up more frequently) but he got used to it within a couple days. I know all kids are different but it seemed with my son, just when it seemed like I couldn't see how things would transition he would do it on his own. They only need a nudge sometimes but I think they know what and when they are ready for the next step, As far as the crazy difficult days, everyone has them. The days when I don't get a shower or even change out of my pjs and I'm lucky to brush my teeth can be very hard. I just tell myself it's ok if the only thing I do today is make sure my son is taken care of and know that tomorrow will be better. (hopefully=)) Take it day by day and ENJOY IT!

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sounds like ur diong everything right lol.. when my first was 3 mos old i think the biggest time consumer was feeding and diapering!! and not always fun.. lol.. oh and napping as much as possible.. i let him cio at night at about 4 mos.. he did it in about 3 nights.. now i have 2 boys 2 and 1.. they're a little easier to entertain now.. both sleep 12 hrs a night, we have a fairly consistent schedule.. with eating napping bathing bedtimes.. we go to parks a lot..i know not totally helping with 3 mos old but hey.. enjoy your girl while she cant talk and walk.. lol j/k it will be great

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