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Kara - posted on 10/22/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am a new stay at home mom (a few months now) and I am trying to get used to everyday life with the kids, house, errands, chores, pets, weather, lack of paycheck... I was wondering - is it more helpful to have a routine every day for the kids? I know structure is good for them but at home I am usually a bit more relaxed. Let me know what works best for you. I have a 5 year old daughter (preschool 3 days a week) and a two year old son.


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Jill - posted on 10/24/2009




i think as long as things are predictable... lunch is at or around the same time ... bath time is around the same time... they go to bed around the same time....its hard to stay on a tight schedule because kids are not robots...things happen to disrupt the day...

Chris - posted on 10/24/2009




Routines work great-- in theory. I've been at home for about 4 years now, and as much as I try to stick to a routine, it never stays the exact same. I'm not the most organized person and get easily distracted (I should be doing dishes, sorting laundry, and brushing my teeth right now, but I'm here on FB instead!!!) I know there are lots of mom's out there that stick to a schedule, and to tell you the truth, I'm a bit envious of them for it, but they just don't work for everybody. Like everything else, do what you think is right!! :)

Cathy - posted on 10/23/2009




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Kara - posted on 10/23/2009




It is nice to hear of different ways of going through the day - ideas and such. Thanks!

Carolee - posted on 10/23/2009




Routines can help, but personally... I'm way too scatterbrained for that! I find a way to break up the boring days (when there's no screaming, hitting, discipline problems, etc.) by doing a craft. I crochet or do "art time" with my son. He loves to draw. We also build forts and play games and read books. I know the books get boring, but I read them a different way each time (even that gets old... I can only do so many accents), and the games aren't really stimulating for us parents, but as long as I make Corbin (2 years old) laugh, it's worth it. I do cleaning during commercials when I'm watching my favorite shows, but I only have one kid. I hope something I said helps... good luck.

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